The Trigon Group has their heads in the clouds! We live and thrive in the creative world of on-demand, software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud computing. Our primary focus is on providing general consulting services, which highly leverage Trigon's pre-built cloud services, aimed at extending and enhancing standard Salesforce application and platform functionality.

The Trigon Group is also very agile. Agile methodologies (Lean and Scrum) are at the core of how we design and execute on our consulting and cloud services offerings. Our mantra is discover, design, implement and iterate. This philosophical approach encourages:

  • Alignment with our customer's business needs and priorities
  • People/process buy-in through communication, teamwork and accountability
  • Rapid, high-quality delivery based on "best practices"
  • Frequent inspection and adaption, avoiding budget over-runs by validating the result as-we-go

Our team has a broad range of real-world, practical experiences, skills and knowledge at both the business and technical level. We are committed to delivering robust, high quality solutions that streamline workflow, fully leverages the on-demand/cloud computing model, and ultimately makes it easier and more profitable for our customers to conduct business.